Non-Alcoholic Beer Offers a Burst of Hops and a Burst of Health Benefits

So you’ve decided to make the switch to non-alcoholic beer, or at least cut back on your intake of alcoholic beverages? It’s likely you’ve done this to cut calories and leave behind hangovers, but did you know that non-alcoholic beer can have an even bigger positive effect on your overall health?

Studies show that non-alcoholic beer not only leaves you without the negative results of alcohol but also serves as a performance enhancer and recovery drink.

According to a study by Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, non-alcoholic beers have strong antioxidant, antipathogenic, and anti-inflammatory properties. What this all means is that non-alcoholic beer reduces the chances of inflammation, protects against pathogens, and reduces the the occurrence of respiratory illnesses. While beer with alcohol is high in calories and actually hinders post-workout muscle recovery, non-alcoholic beer has an abundance of polyphenols that aid the recovery process.

But just because it has less than 0.5% alcohol doesn't mean it's low calorie. So be sure to check this. The typical non-alcoholic beer ranges from 75 - 120 calories. Conversely, Surreal Beers are the lowest calorie beers made in the U.S. ranging from only 17 - 50 calories per can.

This is great news for everyone, especially if you are actively looking for a great tasting recovery drink. It’s even better news if you love craft beer! Now you can enjoy it without strings attached.