Re-Conceptualize Adventure


"Living adventurously really is about the attitude you choose to charge at life with, doing stuff that's new and different and that scares you and makes you curious." – National Geographic’s Adventurer of the Year (2020), Alastair Humphreys. 

This quote, and further Humphrey’s overall point of view, has really struck a chord with the Surreal Brewing tribe as it is centralized around the idea of taking small steps that can ultimately lead to big achievements. No grandiose feats needed to be considered adventurous because everyone’s definition of adventure is unique. 

Adventure is daring to be different and doesn’t necessarily mean jumping off the highest cliff. Daring to be different quite simply means moving outside of your comfort zone because making the first step is the beginning of an adventure. 

The lifehack here is to find momentum by embracing your growth from where you decide to begin and not comparing yourself to others. Are you challenging yourself every day to be just a little more adventurous or a little more uncomfortable? That is really where change begins. And like Humphreys said in the initial quote above – doing stuff that scares you or makes you curious can be the catalyst! 

We are so excited to be on this path with you, no matter what your beginning, middle and end looks like and even more excited to introduce here, #SurrealOnTheGo, where we will be sharing some hacks from our tribe that may inspire you to push out on your adventure. They’re digestible bytes that can be taken with you wherever you are on your voyage of “Daring to be Different.” To start, here are a few we have, in some way, incorporated into our lives: 

  • Climb One. If you’re interested in hiking a mountain, opt for the stairs whenever the opportunity arises. Take them a couple times in a row. Build endurance at your own pace. 
  • Skip One. If you’re interested in removing meat from your diet just start with removing animal products on Mondays. Eventually, a couple of days will turn into the entire week and you will be strengthening the habits you want.
  • Swap One. If you’re interested in reducing the amount of alcohol you consume, replace one alcoholic beverage with an NA Surreal Beer. You’ll find that the hangovers disappear and the burning question of “what do I do with my hands?” becomes naturally removed from the equation. 
  • Add One. If you’re feeling stuck in your ways and want to find a new hobby, but are overwhelmed by the amount of options you have, just start with one new addition a month. Maybe take that cooking class you’ve always put off or plant those seeds in the backyard you’ve been telling yourself you would. Eventually, you’ll become a master of more than one!
  • Make One. In a world where we are all pulled in different directions (family, work, relationships, etc) it's so important to make time for YOU. Set aside just one hour a day to meditate, journal, exercise or whatever allows you to find your zen. This time will help you to re-center. 

For more from Humphreys himself, pop by his site & for more ways to reduce alcohol consumption and improve your overall health feel free to visit the rest of the Surreal website!


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