Recognition for Non-Alcoholic Beer

In the last couple of years something new has finally come to the non-alcoholic beer industry - craft beer! This is the much needed infusion of innovation that NA has been lacking for the last 30 years! Hence the stigma, which WAS deserved, but luckily this is no longer the case!

We are proud to be part of this amazing revolution.

Not everyone has joined this movement. Some will still say, why does anyone want more than one NA beer!? What? Together we can work to bring non-alcoholic craft beers to all of the cool places we like to hang out!

For now any occasion to celebrate non-alcoholic craft beer is a great one. We recently entered our brews in the World Beer Awards and U.S. Open Beer Challenge and we so excited to be recognized this year at both events. Here is the lowdown:

Natural Bridges Kolsch: Awarded World's Best Low-Alc Pale Beer and U.S. Best Low-Alc Pale Beer at the 2019 World Beer Awards

17 Mile Porter: Awarded U.S. Best Dark NA in the 2019 World Beer Awards and Bronze for NA at the U.S. Open Beer Challenge.

Thank you all for your continued support of Surreal! We will continue to work on bringing craft beer to your area!