Sober October Survival Guide

We are really excited about Sober October this year and while we know a lot of you have done Sober October before and even extended it into NAvember through Dry January and beyond, we also know that some people will be trying it for the first time. So, we have put together a little Sober October Survival Guide to help. Let's not call it S.O.S. though...

1. Remember it is only 1 Month. October will come and go. Remind yourself that you are only trying this for a month and the rewards will be many!

2. Take Notice of the Benefits. In as little as a week people report sleeping better, having more energy, better complexion, and feeling healthier overall. Take notice of how you are feeling and reinforce your reasons for trying Sober October.

3. Enlist a Buddy. Don't go it alone. Pair up with a friend to try Sober October this year so that you have someone to share your accomplishment with all month long!

4. Adventure Outside. While this is what we say all year 'round, it is especially true now. Grab your pal and spend a Saturday in the woods, on the lake, or wherever you want to explore.

5. Go Out with Friends. Don't stay in when friends are going out even if they are not trying Sober October with you. You can still enjoy their company even without the hangover the next day.

6. Call to Action. If you find that there are not enough cool non-alcoholic options where you hang out, ask the buyer to stock your favorites. This way you can feel more included at their place.

7. Use your Energy. Use that extra energy your body is getting from not drinking alcohol to jump start that fitness routine you've been thinking about trying.

8. Celebrate Each Week. You deserve it. Celebrate your accomplishments each week with a healthy treat or new craft non-alcoholic beer you haven't yet tried.

9. Get Curious. View this as a challenge to see if you can do it and find out how your body will benefit.

10. Stock Up. Stock up on great non-alcoholic options and bring them with you to happy hour at work or to parties. You will be prepared, ready to party, and have a conversation starter all in one.

11. Have Fun. Enjoy your Sober October, the challenge, the health benefits and have fun with it!

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