Surreal On The Go Presents: Awesome Urban Hikes

Aside from our website, there are so many accessible ways to find our NA Surreal Brews while on the go. We love hiking through the state and national forests, but some  of our favorite moments are hiking through towns and cities. With a Surreal Brew in hand, we are ready for adventure! Swing by your local Ralphs, Whole Foods, PCC, Natural Grocers and more to pick up one of our refreshing drinks before your next urban adventure. Here are some of our favorite places to wander.

Los Angeles / Whole Foods (West Hollywood, CA)

(Whole Foods Address: 7871 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046)

Hike/Incline | Approx. 7 miles | 4-pack

First Stop: Start your Saturday morning as most Angelians do - with a hike through Runyon Canyon. The air is nice and brisk and as the sun starts to rise you wrap up your 2 mile trek down towards Santa Monica Blvd.

Second Stop (1.7miles): If you’re a bit parched after your hike, lucky for you! A Whole Foods is just down the street. Pop in and get our 17 Mile Porter. You know it will give you a second wind. This NA is PERFECT since you skipped coffee this morning. 

Third Stop (2.3 miles): Exit Whole Foods, can in hand and start walking north towards Laurel Canyon - the nexus for counterculture activity and music in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Reminds us a lot about our mission of Daring to be Different. As you walk up the winding roads, it’s so easy to feel refreshed and inspired by the nature around and history of the music running through the wind. Walking north up Laurel Canyon Blvd, you will pass the Canyon Country Store, a tiny, red-brick market adorned with murals evoking the era of the canyon's famous days and many historic houses where Artists such as Carole King and Crosby, Stills and Nash penned hits like “Tapestry” and “Our House”. A guide has been included here.


San Diego / Ralph’s - Avalon Plaza, San Diego, CA

(Ralph's Address: 4315 Mission Blvd. San Diego, CA 92109)

Bike | Approx. 4 miles | 4-pack

First Stop: It’s a dreamy day in San Diego and you just finished your 3 mile ride around the Kate O Sessions Memorial Park Trail.  After your morning workout, you head southwest over to the local Ralph’s on Mission Blvd. Grab a 4-pack of our NA Kolsch, drink one to refuel and pop the rest of the cans in your basket. 

Second Stop (0.2miles): As you head west towards the beach, you pass by PB Shore Club and decide to make a quick pit stop for some fresh fish tacos to go! 

Third Stop (0.8miles): With our NA Kolsch & the fresh fish tacos you head down to the Law Street Beach, park your bike, lay out a beach towel and relax for the remainder of the afternoon while watching the waves crash in.

Portland, OR / Natural Grocers - Tigard, OR

(Natural Grocer's Address: 13115 SW Pacific Hwy, Tigard, OR 97223)

Long Walk | Approx. 8 miles | 2 4-packs

First Stop: It’s a Sunday afternoon. Take a day trip to the little town of Tigard just outside of Portland, OR. Prepping for a day of walking the streets of this quaint city, grab a couple 4-packs of our NA Juicy Mavs Hazy IPA & NA Creatives IPA at the Natural Grocers in Tigard, OR.

Second Stop (1mile): Walk about a mile to Fanno Creek Park where you will be surrounded by beautiful trees and wildlife. You’ve got your brews stashed in your Surreal Dry Bag. Embark on the 4.5 mile loop of Fanno Creek Trail. Not too hilly, but a great scenic trail that will take just a couple of hours. 

Third Stop (0.4miles): After exiting the park, it’s time to check out some of the incredible street art in Tigard. You follow the map linked here & start at the Tigard Skatepark where you’ll find a Dinosaur Sculpture. From start to finish you’ll have covered 2miles, and hit 21 different urban masterpieces along the way!

We are so inspired by the arts and nature kept alive in some of these incredibly historic cities. We’d love to hear what your favorite urban adventures look like & which Surreal NA Brew you enjoy each with. Keep an eye out for more of our treasured concrete quests. Cheers!