Surreal On The Go Presents: Awesome Urban Hikes pt. 2

Botanical Garden

We’re back for round two of our Awesome Urban Hikes! Check out this map of incredible places to explore in your city and pick up our Surreal Brews along the way. Make Non-alcoholic craft beer a part of every adventure!

Red Rock Canyon Open Space

Los Angeles / Ralph’s - Westwood Village, Los Angeles, CA

(Address: 10861 Weyburn Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90024)

Walk | Approx. 3 miles | 4-pack

First Stop: In the heart of Westwood Village, just south of UCLA amongst an abundance of students, greenscapes, and bistros, there is a conveniently placed Ralph’s. Inside, you can find our easy to drink NA Kolsch.

Second Stop (1mile): Walk North from Ralph’s. In this lively part of Los Angeles is the Mildred E Mathias’ Botanical Garden. This Garden was planted in 1929 and has been maintained by UCLA with the overall mission to promote botanical knowledge and appreciation of nature to the students and LA community at large. It’s just gorgeous to enjoy, especially with an ultra hydrating Surreal Brew in hand!

Third Stop (.5 miles): While you’re in the spirit of discovery, wander onto the campus to discover the diversity of plants and agriculture of the 400+ acres of the UCLA campus. See guide here.


Colorado Springs, CO / Natural Grocers

(1604 S Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80906)

Bike | Approx. 8 miles | 2 4-packs

First Stop: In July in Colorado Springs, after most of the college students have gone home for the summer break, the hiking spots are still open for the locals to explore! Start your day by riding your bike up to Red Rock Canyon Open Space for a good climb. After a few hours on the cliffs, head back towards your bike and crack open a Surreal Brew in your dry bag - 17 Mile Porter, to refuel for the rest of your Sunday!

Second Stop (4.9miles): From the entrance of Red Rock Canyon, bike Southeast towards the Natural Grocers on Nevada Ave. to pick up a 4-pack of NA Juicy Mavs Hazy IPA & NA Creatives IPA to keep you energized and hydrated. Share some with fellow outdoors lovers and spread good vibes.

Third Stop (3miles): After biking about 3 miles northeast, and another Surreal brew later, Memorial Park is a great place to hangout for an afternoon of bird watching and some slacklining amongst the trees. Pass around your NA Surreal Brews to keep everyone hydrated in the summer sun. Not a bad way to top off the weekend.

Santa Cruz, CA / Whole Foods

(Address: 911 Soquel Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95062)

Long Walk | Approx. 5 miles | 4-pack

First Stop: Santa Cruz is a beach town known for surf culture and hospitality. Typically 75, sunny and naturally perfect for a walk around the Riverwalk. First stop at the local Whole Foods to grab a 4-pack of our NA 17 Mile Porter or Juicy Mavs to enjoy throughout the day.

Second Stop (1.5miles): After picking up your refreshing Surreal brews, head Southeast towards the beginning of the Santa Cruz Riverwalk Park. You’ll take a quick pit stop at Sea Bright beach to watch the waves and surfers ride in before heading north along the Riverwalk to see some amazing art in the city!

Third Stop (3miles): As you walk North, explore the incredible art along the way back and around the city.  While catching some great views of the river, you’ll pass some beautiful mosaics. After about three miles to the north side of the River - stop at Tannery Art Center to end the day’s journey with some views of industrial arts and murals crafted by the community. All of these sights can be found here.

We are so inspired by the arts and nature kept alive in some of these incredibly historic cities. We’d love to hear what your favorite urban adventures look like & which Surreal NA Brew you enjoy each with. Keep an eye out for more of our treasured concrete quests. Cheers!