Surreal On The Go Presents: Pro Tips from our Ambassadors

At Surreal Brewing, we are constantly inspired by our customers and Ambassadors and their diverse interests! Whether it’s rock climbing, biking, fly fishing, big wave surfing, coding our world, innovating, change-making, policymaking or llama farming they each come with a different set of tips and tricks. We’ve asked them to share their pro-tip for a long adventure and we are thrilled to share some of their responses with you. We find these to be extremely helpful reminders for your next lengthy trek.

1. Pace Yourself!

Ed - “Do not go out too fast, pace especially for a long run or bike ride. I like to start slow and work into my edge to maintain a good pace. When I do that, I feel like I can go forever.”

Just like with any journey, the road to the finish line doesn’t have to be timed and looks different for everyone. Even if the goal is a small one, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. One step at a time, literally! 

2. Pack Light!

Pete - “Pack light while also bringing all the necessary gear.”

We agree, Pete! This is essential when it comes to saving energy - only carry what you need or else energy may be wasted! Stop by our shop to check out our Surreal Brewing Dry Bags in a couple of different sizes. They come in handy on any hike or walk through terrain to protect your important equipment from the weather.


3. Plan It Out, but Not Too Much!

Amanda - “Plan it out, but also leave room for spontaneity. We do week+ trips all the time and having a plan helps to not waste time figuring out what you're going to do. Don't pack your itinerary too tight, or book too many reservations for things because you might enjoy something more than you had anticipated, and you might want to spend more time with that.”

Bowen - “Be Just Ready Enough. Being prepared is all we can do—but it certainly isn’t everything. We have to leave space in our lives and in ourselves, for adventure. We need to be as prepared as we can be without being over-prepared. We need our tools at hand, but we don’t want to trip over the tool belt. Being ready doesn’t just mean doing, it also means not doing. Options are freedom, not preparedness. Be only as prepared as necessary to create options, not more. If you think you may be ready, you are ready. It’s impossible to be 100% ready, so be just ready enough”

So true! What’s that saying about the best laid plans? It never hurts to have a general roadmap in mind, however leaving room for some fun and flexibility is where so many of the magic moments happen.

4. Fuel Up & Stay Hydrated!

Jess -  “Pack a bunch of snacks. I’m such a worry wart when it comes to sugars and healthy eating, but this is the one time you can bend the rules and still feel okay. You deserve it.”

Josie - "Have appropriate hydration and snacks with you, you'll need both."

Adam - “Fuel and hydrate! Bringing the right drink and food can make the experience more or less enjoyable 😅"

Are we surprised that the most common pro tip from our Surreal Brewing Ambassadors has to do with Fuel & Hydration!? NOPE :) But this one is SO important. Not only are water and snacks important for a long trek - but so are electrolytes, vitamins and minerals. Don’t forget that all of the work you’re doing to reach your final destination requires a lot of energy. Any one of our NA Craft Brews are a great option for pre, post & during adventure.

5. Have Fun! 

SBC Team - “Don’t forget to enjoy it!”

As much as we are trying to hit goals & overcome new challenges - it is crucial to remember to have FUN on your journey. Stop and enjoy the views when you can :) 

We have found each of these hacks to be important while gearing up for a long hike, bike or climb. You never know what the day is going to have in store, so it’s important to remember these words of wisdom from our Surreal Brewing Ambassadors. While they may seem simple, one of these pointers might save you from a world of trouble on your next adventure. Cheers!