The Cultural Phenomenon of Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer

Craft Beer Movement

Beer has always been more than just something to drink. In the 80s when craft microbreweries started to flourish, brewers aimed for full flavored complex brews that were different from what was being brewed by macro breweries. It was about giving something back to their communities.

“It’s a movement. It’s a cultural phenomenon...It’s more than just a product that you send to a market. It’s a passion and a commitment.” Jim Koch, founder of Boston Beer Company, said in an interview with Forbes Magazine.

Artisanally Crafted

Crafting with thoughtfully picked ingredients and brewing with love have been part of the craft movement since it emerged. Craft brewers envision people enjoying the quality beer they have made. This is equally true for us at Surreal Brewing when we craft non-alcoholic beer. Our focus is making the best non-alcoholic beer we can make. We bring creativity and wholesome ingredients to our recipes to brew something that you might not see everyday such as our Chandelier Red IPA and 17 Mile Porter.

Health Conscious

It’s 2019 and people are exploring their love for beer in new ways, by incorporating it into their everyday adventures. Whether it is a recovery drink after a workout, a celebratory drink after scaling a mountain, an adult tasting beverage while on a hike, or a fun drink to have while at work, non-alcoholic beer is gaining popularity in the U.S.

One thing they are all doing is making healthier choices by consuming less alcohol and lower sugar. Our Chandelier Red IPA is the lowest calorie beer in America at only 33 calories. 17 Mile Porter has only 50 calories. Both beers have 0g Sugar, 0g Fat, and 0 Cholesterol. Non-alcoholic beer is rich in polyphenols and B vitamins.

It will be interesting to see if the U.S. market follows its European counterpart. German athletes made a splash in the news during the winter olympics in 2018 by drinking gallon size glasses of non-alcoholic beer in order to reduce inflammation and rehydrate.

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