Can of Surreal Non-Alcoholic Red IPA. Refreshing.

Chandelier Red IPA - 24 Pack

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Our red IPA is refreshing with notes of citrus well-balanced by its toasty, caramelly malty backbone. The artwork on our NA Red IPA features the iconic Chandelier redwood tree located in Mendocino County, California.

INGREDIENTS: Water, Malted Barley, Hops, and Yeast

CALORIES- 33      SUGAR- 0g      CARBS- 5.6g      GLUTEN REDUCED- Y

PAIRS WELL WITH: fish tacos, grilled burgers, and spicy eats. Also great with tangy cheeses, poached pears, and dense cakes.

Best Enjoyed at
55° – 65° F

It’s refreshing straight out of the fridge and nuanced at cellar temperature. We take the time to craft an artisanal NA beer so that you can take your time enjoying your drink.

*Fermented from grains containing gluten and crafted to remove gluten. Analyzed using the R5- Gliadin ELISA assay. Our gluten reduced brews are under 20 parts per million gluten. The actual gluten content of this product cannot be verified, and this product may contain gluten.